Thus spoke GT

You’re going to women? Don’t forget your whip! – Friedrich Nietzsche – Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Were I Mr. Carnegie or Mr. Rockefeller I would put a few millions
in my inside pocket and make an appointment with all the Park
Commissioners (around the corner, if necessary), and arrange
for benches in all the parks of the world low enough for women
to sit upon, and rest their feet upon the ground. After that I
might furnish libraries to towns that would pay for ’em, or build
sanitariums for crank professors, and call ’em colleges, if I
wanted to.

Women’s rights societies have been laboring for many years after
equality with man. With what result? When they sit on a bench they
must twist their ankles together and uncomfortably swing their
highest French heels clear of earthly support. Begin at the bottom,
ladies. Get your feet on the ground, and then rise to theories of
mental equality.

– Don’t you sometimes wonder, if it’s worth all this? l mean, what you’re fighting for.

  • We might as well question, why we breathe. lf we stop breathing, we’ll die. lf we stop fighting our enemies, the world will die.
  • What of it? Then it’ll be out of its misery.
  • You know how you sound? Like a man trying to convince himself of something he doesn’t believe. Each of us has a destiny. For good, or for evil.
  • l get the point.
  • l wonder if you do. l wonder if you know that you’re trying to escape from yourself. And that you’ll never succeed.