Rorschach Test

Vừa làm quả Rorschach test (kiểm tra tâm lý qua mẫu vết mực) ở đây. Không giống bản thường thấy – gồm mực đỏ và mực đen, vết mực kiểu khác, rõ hơn – bản này hình như là version của Mỹ. Kết quả thật vượt xa mong đợi :=))

Test Results

Sickness Quotient: 93%
WARNING: Your Sickness Quotient of 93% is very disturbing.

Detailed Diagnosis

  • Interpersonal Insights
    You have trouble being friendly to others, especially people who hate your guts and want to hurt you. You think everyone is out to get you, and you’re absolutely right. It’s because you’re an awful person without any redeeming qualities.
  • Job Performance & Attitude
    You have a deep love for your patients, which is unfortunate since you’re a veterinarian. Your work is of such poor quality that your manager is considering replacing you with a machine that flushes.
  • Personality Insight
    Your personal motto is “Hope for the best; prepare for the worst.” Based on what we know about you, you’re going to need a lot of preparation.

Graphs of your individualized performance are shown below.

Không hiểu sao lại có patients với vet ở đây. Có khi tại mình toàn trả lời “giống con dơi”, “giống con chó”, “giống con thỏ”, “giống con T-rex”…

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