Good resources for learning R from scratch

From my experience:

Step by step instruction on a web based R environment (meaning you don’t need to install R and thus can work on any computer that is available to you). Very easy (and slow) at first.

However, this website seems to require a physical keyboard to type the code and numbers in. I couldn’t learn using my tablet.

I prefer this one to Code School. There are lessons in various topics, from basic to intermediate that corresponds to the similar courses in Coursera, including R Programming, Data Analysis, Getting and Cleaning Data, and Regression Models. The lessons are faster (and less boring) at first. All you need to do is installing R and RStudio yourself and run swirl package. You need to practice on the real R/RStudio, which gets you quickly familiar with the real R working environment.

Details about how to install swirl and different courses can be found here: