Multipotentialites: It's ok to be interested in many things

Here’s a talk by Emilie Wapnick at TEDxBend early this year. What it invoked me is, I thought I know what my true calling is, until I watched this, and laughed really hard. I labeled myself as a multipotentialite after less than 10 minutes watching this. Interestingly, I have been following, unconsciously, my many interests and decided to combine three major ones into what I am doing now. Other skills are, indeed, transferable and super-helpful for my work. I’m now learning a lot of new things, always be curious, and always be a newbie.

And my role model for a ‘multipotentialite’ (I didn’t know this word before, though) is Jared Diamond. He is a anthropologist, ecologist, geographer, physiologist, biophysicist, and evolutionary biologist. People joked that ‘Jared Diamond’ was actually a pen name used by a group of researchers in many fields.